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Do You Do Turnkey?

Typically, customers supply all the component parts and the bare PCBs. PCA is only able to do the labor of assembling parts onto PCBs.

How is Lead-Time Calculated?

Quoted lead time depends on the quantity of boards being built and their complexity. Typical prototype builds usually take 5-business days, while typical production builds take 2 weeks. We can sometimes accommodate quicker turnaround depending on the board, please inquire when submitting a quote.

What Files Do You Need to Quote?

For an accurate quote will need:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Gerber of Assembly Drawings
  • Quantity of Boards
  • Solder Type (Non-RoHS or RoHS)

What Do You Need for a Cable Assembly Quote?

For cable assemblies, we will need an assembly drawing of all the cable connections, along with part numbers and length for the wire type, crimps, and connector housings. Providing a sample or images of a sample unit is also very helpful.

We carry a wide range of crimp tools but sometimes do not have the more obscure crimp tool for specific crimps. We can work with you to find a solution.

What Do You Need for a Conformal Coating Quote?

For a quote, please provide a drawing of the masking locations. We typically will mask connector openings, switches, buzzers, microphones, speakers, and mounting holes.

We stock and use Chemtronics brand Konform SR, a silicone-type conformal coating. For more information about Konform SR, please see datasheet here. If you would like us to use a different type type of conformal coating, please inquire. We are unable to apply parylene-type conformal coatings however.

What Percent Overage Do I Need to Provide for SMT Parts?

We generally request 3-5% overage if possible. Especially for the smaller parts like caps and resistors, the machine will occasionally drop a part here or there. In addition, when we load in a new strip of parts into the SMT machine feeder (for example a 0603 cap), we need to pull off around 5 pieces at the start of the strip to be able to load it into the feeder.

For bigger and more expensive parts like ICs (SO-8 size and larger), transformers, connectors, and through-holes, we typically do not need as much extra.

Below is a recommended guide:

Part Type | % Overage Requested

  • 01005 size | 20% overage

  • 0201 size | 10% overage

  • 0402 size | 5% overage

  • 0603 size | 5% overage

  • 0805 and up | 3% overage

  • IC below SO8 | 2% overage

  • IC SO8 and up | 1% overage

  • Through Holes | 1% overage

Do You Require Reels?

We do not require reels, cut tape is perfectly fine, especially for prototype builds. Parts can also be in tubes or trays.

For SMT caps/resistors, loose parts are discouraged as the SMT pick and place machine cannot pick them if they arrive that way, they would need to be in tape for them to be able to be picked by the machine.

Through-hole parts and larger parts can be loose however. If you have a lot of loose SMT parts, please inquire, as we can make exceptions in some cases.

Can I Schedule a Tour?

Of course! Email or give us a call to schedule a time.

We're excited to show you how our expert team and state-of-the-art machinery operates to deliver beautifully-built boards in our 43K square foot facility!