Printed Circuits Assembly Corporation is a contract electronics manufacturer of simple to highly-complex boards. Our versatility of services and expertise allows us to serve all types of clients – from medical, technical, and aerospace, to personal innovation projects. We build for prototypes with a quantity as low as one, to large scale production runs.  

We don’t just build boards; our experienced team can provide insight and feedback for improvements to your product, efficiency, and cost.



Our team has seen nearly every common design error in prototypes – You can trust that our experience allows us to provide innovative solutions for uncommon and unforeseen issues that often arise in the process of NPI.

  • 30+ yrs experience in Rapid Prototyping & NPI
  • Quantities as low as one
  • From simple to complex designs
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Very flexible to the unique and challenging issues including last-minute design and part changes
  • Expert feedback to improve production and manufacturability of your design
    • Recommendations to make manufacturing easier in the long run
      (Ex. footprint and part spacing changes)
    • Bill of Material (BOM) review
    • X-Ray


  • Leaded or lead-free (RoHS Compliant)
    water-soluble solder paste available
  • Leaded or lead-free (RoHS Compliant) 
    no-clean solder paste available
  • Max working area is 18x18 inches
  • SMT down to 0201
  • BGA, FPGA, CSP, LGA, QFN, fine pitch connectors, BGA SEAM connectors, etc.
  • 15 State of the art solder paste printing machines
  • 3 Reflow ovens with 8 heating zones to ensure smooth and even reflow
  • Experience in rigid, flex, and metal-core PCB assembly
  • Advanced wash system


  • Wave solder, selective solder for mixed technology, and hand solder available
  • Leaded or lead-free (RoHS Compliant) 
    no-clean solder wire available
  • Component prep and lead-forming equipment
  • Press-fit connectors* 
  • Rework & repair services available
  • Ace KISS-102 Selective Solder
  • 3 Vitronics Soltec Wave Solder Machines
  • Separate wave solder machines for leaded and lead-free assemblies to prevent cross-contamination

*We carry some tools, but you may need to provide if you have something more specific


Rework & Repair

With over 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge, our rework team is capable of more than the majority of our competitors.

  • PCB modifications such as cuts, jumpers,
    and part replacement
  • Experience in replacing BGA (down to 0.4 pitch) FPGA, CSP (Chip Scale Package), QFN, LGA, Connectors, and other fine-pitch parts
  • X-ray check after replacement of fine-pitch parts like BGA and QFN
  • 3 APE “Sniper” Rework stations – 
    Various sizes of nozzles to heat up a specific part/area of the board during part replacement.
  • Hot air rework stations
  • BGA Underfill capabilities available

Cable & Wire

  • Over 25 years of cable assembly experience
  • Able to build a variety of cable and wire harness assemblies
  • Equipped with wire cut-and-strip equipment, crimping machines, presses, and a variety of hand tools


  • Basic hardware and screws
  • Cabling and hook up
  • Heatsink assembly



  • Non-destructive X-ray helps to uncover hidden issues not visible to the naked eye or microscope
  • 2 X-ray machines available
  • 2D X-ray support to check for shorts
  • Multiple viewing angles available



Conformal Coating

Valuable Conformal Coating service available to protect your PCB from moisture and other outdoor elements.

  • Customized to mask connector openings,
    switches, tooling holes, and other special parts
  • Single-side or double-sided boards
  • Chemtronics Konform SR silicone-based conformal coating stocked and available
  • For other types, please inquire

Parts Audit
(Prior to Run)

Before we even start building your boards, our full-time audit staff will check all consigned parts for shortages against your bill of materials. This helps to prevent slow-downs and issues arising during production of your board.

  • Capacitor and resistor values checked
    with Smart Tweezer equipment to ensure
    correct value is supplied by vendor
  • Shortage check against Bill of Materials (BOM)